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ClubMinder WaiterPoint
Increasing bar sales come to those who WaiterPoint

ClubMinder WaiterPoint

Ever wanted to increase bar and catering sales? Ever have a customer ordering a round of drinks at the bar only to forget what he is ordering? Ever had a bar ten deep with people all clamouring to get served? Ever wanted to improve the quality of service to the people you serve? If you answer YES to any of these questions then ClubMinder WaiterPoint is for you!

How it works....

WaiterPoint talks to the Table Management system running in the ClubMinder till. Once you have signed on you can see a list of all the active tables. Choose a table and you can see what has already been ordered. Just click on an item to select it for sale. If you make a mistake, then just remove it. After you confirm the order by pressing the green Order button, WaiterPoint prints food orders in the Kitchen, and drinks orders in the Bar.... It’s as easy as falling off a log!

Who uses WaiterPoint?

WaiterPoint is ideal in the busy Restaurant environment. The display is bright and clear, and the operation is simple. You can easily visit a table and quickly change an order when the customer changes his mind! You can review what is about to be ordered, checking all the time with the customers. It is quick, simple, reduces stress, reduces mistakes, and improves turnover!

In the Bar it is equally effective. The customer no longer has to go the bar.... The bar goes to the customer. During a normal day you can just go around to groups of customers in the bar, or on the patio, and just take their orders. They can even order food and snacks as any catering orders will be relayed to the Kitchen. During busy times you can use WaiterPoint as an additional ’till’. Again, reducing stress, reducing mistakes, and increasing revenue.

What happens at the ClubMinder Till?

WaiterPoint is not a till, it just talks to the Table Management system in the ClubMinder till. At the till you may name Tables, add products onto Tables, take products off, split Tables, and cash off Tables. The ClubMinder Till manages up to 200 tables! Some Clubs arrange the tables to manage individuals sitting at one ‘table’. In this way it is really easy to let people move around.

What you get with the WaiterPoint package

When you open the WaiterPoint box you get two, yes two, WaiterPoints and a charging unit. The first pair of WaiterPoints comes with remote installation and a comprehensive user manual. Subsequent pairs just add into the system.

And finally….

The Quality, Power and Simplicity of the system must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Please feel free to contact us for a personal demonstration!