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  • Catherine Hanrahan
    Catherine Hanrahan - Operations Manager

    Before joining ClubMinder Catherine worked at a successful golf club where she managed to double the bar & catering turnover to £ 500,000 using the clubminder clubcard System. She now runs our operations training and helpdesk functions.

  • Andrew Drescher - Technical Manager

    Andrew has been ClubMinder's technical guru for over ten years. His knowledge and experience combined with his excellent understanding of golf clubs and technology make him an invaluable resource for everyone he helps.

  • Raj Ratha
    Raj Natha - Client Support Engineer

    Raj is ClubMinder´s longest serving employee and has grown up with Clubs and ClubMinder. Quiet and efficient, Raj is knowledgeable about all aspects of the ClubMinder system and highly respected by ClubMinder Clients around the country.

  • Chris Blower
    Chris Blower - Client Support Adviser

    Chris has joined ClubMinder on the Help Desk from Waitrose specifically to help co-ordinate engineering support. You will find him answering the telephone on most days and providing a friendly and helpful ear for when you need advice.