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Membership Management
How Easy Is It To Manage Your  Members and Visitors?

Membership Management System

The Membership, Subscription and Customer Relationship Management system heralds a new dawn in how a club manages its members and the people who touch the Club. Gone are complicated ways to segment members. Gone are arcane letter writing and list management facilities. Gone are the trials and tribulations of keeping your software up to date. Gone also are many other irritations that sometimes stop you from doing what you want to do – ‘because that’s how the software works’.

Accounting accounting is based on the efficient ClubMinder accounting model that has worked for our tills for over 15 years. In addition to the standard accounting reporting.


MemberView allows you to choose the information that is important to you rather than wading through piles of data you just don’t want. With MemberView you select the fields you want. You filter according to the fields you have selected. You find the details you want quickly and simply.

Intelligent Communications
-If you receive a letter, you can scan it and store in the member’s notes.

-As you get more email addresses, so you spend less time and money posting snail-mail.

Whenever you produce a letter for anyone registered in the system, it generates a .pdf and stores it in that person’s notes for future reference. Then it looks to see if the letter can be emailed. If it can, it attaches it to an email and sends it off. If not, it prints it on your local printer. This is really useful for Subscriptions, Payment Reminders and ad hoc administrative communications to members.

Payments and Finance

Payments to the Club may be made at any time and may be apportioned according to the criteria you have set up. If you wish you may over-ride how the system allocates funds. You may set up payment schemes such as Post Dated Cheques, or Direct Debit. Elements of the Subscription may be set as non-distributable in a part payment scheme.

Reports and Letter Writing

The process for producing ad-hoc reports and writing letters is similar. First you select the members you wish to target, and then you produce the letter or report with the data you select. You can use the find screen to complete any search in the system (and then store it). Next you can create a letter to send to this group of members (again you may store this for future use—and the letter could just be copied and pasted from a Word document). Next you just produce the letters, and Intelligent Communications will email or print as necessary.

External Systems Integration links in, integrates with, and manages cards for:

  • ClubMinder EPOS Till system, including WaiterPoint
  • HandicapMaster handicap and golf administration system, including player score entry, forward booking, and competition entrance fee processing
  • BRS Golf Tee Time Manager for Society management and Tee Times
  • Paxton Access Net2 for door, gate and car park barrier control
  • ClubView from Web Creative for member-centric web sites
The Member’s Record

The member’s record contains a wealth of information. If the system does not cover exactly what you want, then you can just add ‘custom’ fields which may be numeric, text or dates. The record is split into two main areas—the member’s details, and the member’s financial details. It is in this latter area that you can add multiple loan, extra services, discounts etc., and where you can look at a member’s financial transactions.

All this adds up to a very powerful Customer Relationship Management system—and because it is built on from the floor up, it will grow with the club and its changing needs in the years to come.
And finally…

The Quality, Power and Simplicity of the system must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Please feel free to contact us for a personal demonstration!