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quality, power, simplicity

ClubMinder Till systems have been over 15 years in the making, with 8 years using touch screen technology. Simple, cost effective and guaranteed to improve a Club’s financial performance, they can be configured to do whatever your club needs.

Design and Reliability

Modern ClubMinder Touch Screen Tills use hardware that is ultra-reliable and comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you peace of mind. Couple this with fast and simple to use software and you can get your staff up and running on the tills with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of effectiveness.

Fault Tolerance

All ClubMinder Tills now come with a Fault-Tolerant option. This means that we keep your data safe in more than one place in the Club so should anything happen to a till or an office PC, the system just keeps on working! Our engineers visit you and either swap out the till or fix the faulty part and you are up and running again—all with the minimum of fuss and expense.


ClubMinder Tills allow you to place the Club Logo, marketing messages and sponsorship messages onto a till receipt. You may have as many sponsorship messages as you like, and they will just be rotated on subsequent receipts. So, now you can get in a little cash to help pay for till rolls or other consumables.

Office Transactions

You can use the Back Office program to set up batches of transactions that may be applied to a member’s account. This is great for functions, match meals or ad-hoc competitions. When members next go to the till a list of the transactions is displayed on their receipts—so they always know exactly what is going on their accounts.

Member Rewards

ClubMinder Tills lead the way in multiple pricing schemes that allow you to charge visitors a premium price. But they can also be used to reward high spending members by giving them greater discount based on reaching spending levels you set. And, you can reward members for depositing larger sums of money in the system encouraging them to ‘bank’ with you when you may be short of cash.

Restaurant and Food Services

Not only is the ClubMinder Till great in the bar (and at looking after stock), but it can even look after your catering and restaurant, whether franchised or in-house. With unlimited tables, the ability to name tables, split items on a table to multiple bills, or just divide a table’s bill between a number of people, The ClubMinder system does it all. For Bar Food, orders may be sent through to one of two different kitchen printers. Printing in the kitchen is large and clear allowing preparation staff to read the orders from a distance. To make things even easier the ClubMinder till allows bar staff to add their own specific text instructions to a kitchen order—and when the order is printed, the kitchen printer sounds an alarm.

And in the Pro-Shop

Managing green fees, competition entry, golf or fashion goods is easily handled by ClubMinder tills. Items that are bar-coded may be simply added to the system whereas items such as green fees may be placed as buttons on the touch screen. Green fee income is automatically reported back to the Office, and competition entry money may be taken from either the Member’s Bar Account or Competition Account. Money loaded and used in the Pro-shop may be kept in an independent member’s account.