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Access Control
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Access Control

Members gain entry using either a swipe or proximity card. Visitors use a number pad where the number can be changed automatically by ClubMinder on a day to day basis. A door intercom may be fitted between the front door, the office and the main till location.

ClubMinder's access control security products use the very best components available to ensure long lasting trouble free operation. External doors are fitted using Elctromagnetic locks, Abloy electronic locks, or ASSA door lock and strike mechanisms. They may be fitted to either wooden or metal doors. Handles are provided for convenience and ease of use by members and visitors. Internal doors can use an electromagnetic lock to reduce costs. We also use PIR detection devices to open electromagnetic doors automatically rather than cumbersome 'exit' switches.

Key Benefits
  • Long lasting reliability and ease of use by using high quality components;
  • Low administration overhead as visitors use a number, rather than a card, for access;
  • Full integration with ClubMinder means that all facilities and services are managed through the ClubMinder Back Office system.

magnetic swipecard reader

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

Low profile slimline proximity card readers are used to read dual function cards and provide additional 'ease of use' for members - especially at car park barriers.

Hard wearing metal keypad (for use by visitors)

ClubMinder uses Paxton Access security products which allow for a mixture of keypads, card readers and proximity card and fob readers on each door/ barrier.


We only use high quality equipment from ASSA and Abloy.


ATG Access has installed car park bollard systems at many ClubMinder sites including Hillside.


This post allows for a variety of ways to leave.

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