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Forget your opponents; always play against par. ~Sam Snead

Advanced Handicapping and Competitions Software

Competitions and Handicaps made easy

ClubMinder uses HandicapMaster Ltd's comprehensive competitions and handicapping product for Clubs wishing to manage their competitions and handicapping on a Windows PC and fully integrate Men's and Ladies’ handicapping in one package.

In a single-module, Handicap-Master supports Competitions for both Men and Ladies, and the CONGU Unified Handicapping System. HandicapMaster gives clubs complete flexibility for using it for any combination of Men, Ladies, Seniors and/or Juniors golf and integrates directly with the Membership System.

Helping small and large Clubs alike

HandicapMaster has been advertised via its web site since 1998. Over this time, the success of HandicapMaster has grown steadily. In 2002, Celtic Manor Resorts (venue for the 2010 Ryder Cup) adopted HandicapMaster for its own club handicapping. Other clubs using HandicapMaster now include Waterville Golf Club, The Heritage (venue for Seve Trophy) and Mount Murray Golf and Country Club. HandicapMaster is now used by 750 clubs across the UK, Ireland and abroad.

Easy to learn and use - really!

You will not find an easier golf administration system to learn and use. Usability and ‘learn-ability’ have been a priority when designing HandicapMaster. A standard look and feel of Windows has been incorporated, with wizards to guide you through more complex tasks.

Combined program for both Men and Ladies golf

HandicapMaster offers gents and ladies competitions and handicapping in one module. No need for separate licenses or payments. HandicapMaster may be installed onto as many computers as required.

HandicapMaster is very simple and intuitive to use!

Whenever you produce a letter for anyone registered in the system, it generates a .pdf and stores it in that person’s notes for future reference. Then it looks to see if the letter can be emailed. If it can, it attaches it to an email and sends it off. If not, it prints it on your local printer. This is really useful for Subscriptions, Payment Reminders and ad hoc administrative communications to members.

Scores may be entered into HandicapMaster by either a Club official or Competitors themselves.

HandicapMaster includes support for players entering their own scores into the computer using Keyboard, Keypad or Ireland GOLFnet Smart Cards.

Additionally our Premier and Network Editions support:

  • Score entry using Magnetic Swipe Cards or Touch-sensitive Screens.
  • Players signing in to the computer before play (allowing missing cards to be recognised automatically and entered as 'No Return' for example).
  • Printing of Labels for Competition Scorecards or printing competition details directly to Scorecards as players sign-in.
1000's of combinations of Competition format supported
When Ceann Sibeal Golf Club became the first club to connect to Ireland’s GOLFnet national system, they used HandicapMaster. When Thornbury became the first club to connect to the EGU CDH, they used HandicapMaster.

WandicapMaster provides competition score processing and reporting against many different formats of play. HandicapMaster supports Singles competitions in Medal, Stableford and Par ('Bogey' or 'v Par') formats.

In addition, HandicapMaster also supports Foursomes and Greensomes and Four Ball Best Ball competitions in Stroke-play or Stableford formats. Knock-out Draws can be run and maintained in HandicapMaster.

Support that is highly respected

HandicapMaster has gained a reputation for providing firstclass support to its customers. HandicapMaster support technicians have over 40 years IT experience between them. They are the same staff who develop the software.

Publishing of Results to MasterScoreboard web site

HandicapMaster offers simple publishing of Handicap Lists, Competition Results and Handicap records to the MasterScoreboard. web site at a click of a button. Provide your members with up to date competition results as soon as the competition has closed.

‘Best of breed' report presentation

Many different reports are available from within HandicapMaster offering the choice of who to report against (Men, Ladies, etc.) and what data to report ('Current season', 'from chosen date', etc.). All reports are in high-quality page-printer style layout. Reports can be customised with your own selection of fonts for headings. A picture of your Club logo may be included in the heading of each report. Reports may be printed off or saved in any one of three popular formats; RTF, HTML or PDF.

Communication with players - with extensions to Microsoft Office

HandicapMaster integrates tightly with so that your player information is always up to date. Communications with players is easy. Email players the results of competitions or use the built-in letter writing features. You can automatically produce letters such as General Play adjustment notifications. Letters are created ready for signing and dropping straight into windowed envelopes! An export facility is available to easily export to Excel or Word's Mail-Merge for complex requirements.